Behind the facade...

as you walk past the red light over the door, you'll find the warmth of our dining room waiting to welcome you. More a German Pub than restaurant, it's a place to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Sitting within reach of the open kitchen you’ll be able to greet our chefs and watch the magic as they prepare your food.

Our idyllic courtyard is it's own attraction, nestled within the Neustadt, the sounds of the fountain make for a unique beer garden experience.


“Home cooked in the city” is probably the best way to describe our cooking. Our food is honest and unpretentious using primarily regional products. A network of 30 small farms and manufacturers, mostly grown locally in Saxony, guarantee that anything on our menu is as fresh as it would be if you picked it from your own garden.

Every 6 weeks our cooks create a new menu that incorporates the available produce of the season. Many of your favourites will always stay on the menu. Our hand-made pelmini for example will always be there, perhaps in different variations, ensuring that our regular customers can always find something new. Our daily menu demonstrates the freshness and diversity of our dishes

Three different beers on tap, a fine selection of wines and a wide range spirits in our bar to suit every occasion. And don't forget our homemade lime soda.

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BratenEven the scent awakens memory. The classic roast has become rare on our tables, because for a really good roast it takes a big piece of meat and above all a lot of time - and who likes to get up early on the weekend.

Therefore we offer the SUNDAY ROAST every Sunday between 11 am and 3 pm at RASKOLNIKOFF for the whole family and for all friends of the well-kept lunch. Of course, this includes a soup in advance, appropriate side dishes and a dessert at the end.

Which roast is served, you can see a week in advance on the website.

MENU on 15th of March

Corn orange soup
Roasted leg of lamb with glazed purple carrots
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries

The price for the three-course Sunday menu with soup, roast and dessert is 24.90 €. Two courses cost 19.90 €. Children up to 12 years pay half. Little kids pay nothing.

We are looking forward to your reservation.


GutscheinBGift certificates can be purchased either in our Restaurant or if you can't make it to us, send us an email and the gift certificate will find its way to you, the way it used to be, in the hand of a trusted mail carrier.


We're here for you from:
11 am Monday to Sunday
The kitchen is open daily from 11 am until 10 pm

To ensure you get a place in our comfortable dining area, we recommend you reserve a table ahead of time.

Phone: 0351 8045706 or Email