Where it all began...

Back then, with sand on the floor, our bar was one of the first post-GDR “scene” pubs in the Dresden Neustadt. Meanwhile, the sand has been swept away and the drink menu refined, but the charm is ever present. Today the Raskolnikoff bar counts as an institution in the Neustadt. Relaxed drinks and food and afterwords a in door cigarette - a rare enjoyment.


currently without smoke
Dear tobacco friends. Eat and drink well and then have a cozy cigar (ette) without changing location, that WAS a really unique luxury.

With a heavy heart we decided to integrate the bar into the restaurant and keep it smoke-free. With our limited spatial capacities and the necessary distance rules, there is currently no alternative. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Our well-stocked range of hard liquors has remained. You will find a rich selection of whiskey, rum and other specialties on our bar menu and tables.

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